What a mess and an embarrassment this election has become. After this is all done, I think in the next election, anything is possible. You might see more no-holds-barred-nothing-is-sacred anymore rhetoric.

Today is October 15, 2016. I’ve said all along a few things might happen and we’ll see in the next few weeks:

1. Trump may bail out. He’s under attack for alleged sexual assaults against women. I think this will bring him down and right now he is in a world of hurt. But nothing fazes this man. Nothing. He’s also under attack for some kind of strange relationship with Russia’s Putin. If we end up going to war Trump will be even more despised than ever. I still think there is a chance, say 35% chance he will be forced out or he’ll bail out before election and create and even bigger mess for the Republicans.

2. Trump might do something really crazy like pull a gun on someone or assault Hillary, before the election. If he loses he may tell his crazied (YES – Crazed) supporters to attack the opposition. The man is wacko. Wacko. As they say, Power Corrupts.

Whatever happens, stay tune because you will probably never see anything like this freak show again.

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