Marketing Publication

Created Atsis Bahane in 2003 for the Navajo Division of Health. This publication won an award from the Native American Journalist Association and the Arizona Department of Public Health.

Created Yaateeh publication for the Winslow Indian Health Care Center in 2001.

Developed an informative housing publication for Navajo Housing Authority in 2002.

Researched and designed a special report for the Kayenta Township Commission in 1998. This was a special 16-page publication about the history, purpose, and scope of the self-governance project.

News and Magazine Publication

Founded and published TODAY in Southwest Navajo & Hopi (4 page tabloid) was published twice a month during the year 2006-2007.

Co-founded and published REZ BIZ magazine;18 issues (24 pages) over a two year period from 2005 to 2007

Gila River Indian News is a monthly publication of the Gila River Indian tribe in Sacaton, Arizona.
Gila River Newspaper

Created Kayenta TODAY for the Kayenta Township Commission in 1998. TODAY is still published by the KTC as a monthly.

Tribal School Marketing Publication

Leupp School, Inc. Leupp is a tribal grant school located in Leupp, Arizona

Dilcon Community School, Inc. Dilcon School is a tribal grant school located in Dilkon, Arizona on the Navajo reservation.